Discover what has changed in our New Portal

Easily put your customers at the heart of your IT service thanks to our New Portal

Cockpit ITSM has launched a new portal to which you can give your clients access – find out more in our new video explainer.

Cockpit ITSM provides an ITIL ready framework to manage your service desk activities and support your users. Now, our newly updated web portal makes it even easier for you to put your customers at the heart of your IT service.

Users can access the portal from their PC, tablet or smartphone to explore the knowledge base, raise a ticket, monitor performance, availability and alerts, or use reporting and infrastructure tools. The new UX is super intuitive and easy to use and users can quickly access all the information about your service in a single place.

To help you see what has changed, we’ve created this video which gives you an overview of the new portal:

The major use case is for your clients who will predominantly use the portal’s powerful ticketing system to declare an incident, order a service from the catalogue or to request an improvement. However, the portal offers you opportunities to reduce the number of tickets being raised and reduce the calls your team is taking.

By populating the knowledge base with solutions to the most common queries your team receives and educating your users about where to look, they can quickly find the answers they need through the portal – helping service users and your team alike.

You can also give your service users access to real-time stats and availability – further reducing the pressure on your team to answer queries and send updates.

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20th Mar, 2017